Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have size charts for your apparel?
Yes! CLICK HERE to see size charts for the shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets that we carry in inventory.

Where do you place the design on the apparel and can I request customized placement?
Design placement depends on the size of the design and the apparel.  CLICK HERE to see the standard locations for placement.  If you would like a customized location, we would LOVE to do that for you.  Just CONTACT US Us or use the "Special Instructions" notes at Checkout to let us know where you would like the design. 

Do you carry other apparel colors and styles?
For custom designs and orders we will work with you to find the colors and styles that work best for your group.  CONTACT US with your ideas!

Do you charge for customized designs?
We do not currently charge for custom designs!!  We just ask that when you wear your shirt, and people comment about your sparkles, you let them know about our website!  CONTACT US to let us know what type of design you are looking for!

Do you have group discounts?
Yes!  Every group gets some discount, and the more orders you make, the more you save.  We will even send your group a rebate if your orders exceed your anticipated order volume!  CONTACT US and ask about our Sparkle Squad program!  

What color crystals do you offer?
We have ten dazzling crystals colors that we can include in your design.  Click HERE to see the color examples!

How can I use iSparkle Designs as a fundraiser for my charity or group?
We will work with you to create designs for your charity or team, and then place them on our website for you.  Depending on how many orders are sold, we will donate a percentage back to your charity or organization!  It is a great way for your group to look great and raise money at the same time!  

What other benefits do groups receive when they work with iSparkle Designs?
  • An iSparkle designer works directly with you to create the perfect custom rhinestone designs tailored especially for your team.
  • A promotional ordering time period that is convenient for you and your group members is set - typically 30-45 days.
  • Samples of your team designs made with glittering rhinestones are provided on sample apparel and fabric swatches for the team to display during the promotional period.
  • For easy communication, a flier detailing your custom designs and options is created for you to printout or e-mail to your group members.
  • Your custom designs are placed directly on the iSparkle Designs website for your group members to order.  No hassle of collecting orders, paperwork, or payments!
  • Orders are shipped together to one location for easy pick-up.  Members even receive a discounted shipping rate!  

Do you sell wholesale?
Yes!  Please CONTACT US for our wholesale pricing.

What are other customers saying about iSparkle Designs?
CLICK HERE to check out some feedback from iSparkle customers!

How do I take care of my rhinestone apparel?
In order to ensure that your rhinestone apparel remains sparkly for many years, follow the following instructions for washing, drying, and ironing.

  • Turn shirt inside out.
  • Use cool water, delicate or hand-wash cycle.
  • Do not use bleach, do not Dry Clean. 
  • Air dry ONLY.
  • Do NOT use iron directly on crystals.